I’m gonna show you five websites that will pay you $20 an hour or more just to stay at home.

The first website I have for you today is “vipkidteachers”


If you’re a teacher VIP kid is a website that will pay you to teach English to kids in China from home.

So you can earn anywhere from $14 to $22 an hour to teach and you can work from anywhere that you Wish.

You can be at the coffee shop, you can be at home do whatever you want and make your own hours.

As a teacher you’ll be teaching kids one on one and each lesson lasts around a half an hour to 25 minutes and then five minutes for a short Q&A session.

The kids you will be teaching range in age anywhere from all the way up to twelve years old.

Some basic requirements that you are gonna need :

– bachelor’s degree ;

– some experience teaching kids in the United States and Canada ;

– a desktop or a laptop or a Mac or Windows machine will work just fine ;

– you need to have a good headset with a microphone.

– You can read all about it over at their website.

I will leave a links below to all of the websites that we’re going to be talking about.

The next website is “buffer”.


So buffer offers social media management solutions. I’ve used their service before and it’s really great service because they allow all

their workers to work at home remotely so they hire for many different positions from tech developer, engineering jobs and customer support jobs which you can do and it’s pay over $20 an hour.

The other website is TestingTime.


This website pays you to give your feedback on different websites. So the whole signup process only takes about five minutes to complete.

Once you sign up TestingTime will send you study notifications via email. When they’re available. So if you live outside of the USA then you might want to check this out because the company is located in Switzerland and they are looking for international testers so the platform has longer tests around 30 to 50 minutes long.

They also pay out more per test than other testing websites on average. It’s about like 50 euros per test so you might want to check this out now.

Once you complete the test you’re gonna get paid within 7 to 10 business days.

Testers are required to have a microphone, a webcam you gotta have a Skype account.

Anyway you can go ahead and check it out.

The other one here is “3PlayMedia”.

full time passive income right
full time passive income right

Now this is a company based out of Massachusetts that provides captioning and transcription services to their clients.

This company does require you to be a US resident and have a college degree before they will consider you as a transcript editor.

What you’re gonna be doing is you’re going to be listening to audio and then you will transcribe what you hear.

The pay is between $10 to $20 an hour.

The company does prefer that you commit to at least 50 hours per week note that every job you accept also has a deadline as

well all the payments are made monthly via direct deposit.

Some of the requireents :

You must have some decent communication skills

You must have a computer of course

And the typing ability up to 75 words per minute.


Wow that’s pretty fast I don’t even know if I can type that fast.

The next website is “Pleio”.


Now this company hires call agents to remind patients to take their medications.

You’ll need to have a good attention to detail in a desire to help people.

So work requires :

– internet access

– of course a phone line

– and computer

You can expect to earn anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars an hour just reminding people to take their pills. I mean it seems pretty

straightforward they’re only hiring people right now.

That live inside of the United States and you must be 18 years or older but you do not have to have like a special license or anything like that to apply or to do the job.

So go ahead and check it out guys that’s that’s a play.

Here is today’s five websites for you that I’ll pay you up to twenty dollars an hour now. I mean at the end of the day you guys are still trading time for money here. So if you would like to learn how to make a full time passive income right on the internet this is what I do. You want to make a little bit more maybe you don’t have a bachelor’s degree or you don’t have a lot of experience teaching children or

something like that and you want to get involved in something that doesn’t require any experience where you can learn and earn what you learn, check out the link in the description of my Quora’s profile right now and I’m gonna share with you some more information on how you guys can create a full time passive income right online.

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