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As a businessperson, it is crucial to know more about commercial credit scores. This is also called the business credit score. So, what does it entail? Well, this is a credit score that is derived after assessing the credit history of a firm, business, or entity.

Just like a personal credit score, this is used to determine the creditworthiness of a business. The number is primarily used by lenders to determine the risk that a business carries when it is given a certain loan. But as a businessperson, there is a lot more that you need to understand about the commercial credit score.

Importance of a Good Commercial Credit Score

First of all, any business or person requires to have a good credit score for many financial reasons. But the business is in a bigger need for the same. With a good commercial credit score, the following benefits will be realized:

  •        Better and easier loans – If you are looking forward to getting better loans for your business, it is crucial to have a good business credit rating. As mentioned, lenders will not hesitate to check the business credit files to assess the risk. When the rating is higher, lenders see a lower risk of losing their money and lend without hesitation.
  •        Ease of getting suppliers – A business requires a healthy supply of goods and services that supports its operations. Since most suppliers do this on credit, they may want to assess the probability of getting paid on time and without any challenges. So they may want to have a peek at the business credit score. A good one will increase the chances of getting excellent suppliers.

Who Monitors the Commercial Credit Score?

Just like the personal credit scores, the responsible credit bureau authorities in a state are responsible for monitoring the credit history of business and assigning the number. According to, they rely on various reliable sources to come up with the figures. The repayment of existing loans is the main determinant. Also, the information forwarded by the suppliers and creditors has a role to play. The good thing with this is that the business can determine the credit score that they will get by becoming financially responsible.

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How to Improve a Commercial Credit Score

Whether it is currently a mess or not, it is paramount for a business to look for strategies that will continuously improve its commercial credit score. The first tip is to become financially responsible in the repayment of loans. As mentioned earlier, this is the primary determinant of the score. Businesses can hardly survive without a loan or a few. But how dedicated the business is to repaying on time determines the score it will get.

Likewise, repayment of bills and suppliers’ dues on time will improve the numbers. However, it is wise to request the suppliers to submit a positive report on your commitments to repay their dues.


Although many businesses are struggling to maintain this score due to various challenges, a good financial management plan will make all the difference. As you can see, there are numerous benefits of keeping a high commercial credit score.

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