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    About Automotive Sander AP7320
    Model No:AP7320
    Siding Pad:4″
    Free Speed:10000RPM
    Air Inlet (NPT):1/4″
    Air Hose(ID):3/8″
    Avg.air consumption:5cfm,141.7 l/min
    Sug.Air Comp:2HP
    Net Weight:1.63kg
    AEROPRO Pneumatic Automotive Angle Sander AP7320 is mainly used in automobile sheet metal coating operation, the surface grinding operation, carpentry work, furniture production, non-metallic surface polishing machine and the derusting and polishing of the metal surface.
    Production details
    Aluminum Alloy Housing
    Aluminum alloy housing for lightweight and operator comfort.
    Ergonomic trigger and ergonomic grip for comfort and stability.

    Sanding Pad
    4 inch sanding pad.
    Make the operation more stable

    CE Certificate of Product
    Packaging & Delivery
    鈥?Delivery Time: Around 30 days after your payment.
    鈥?Package:AEROPRO color box
    鈥?Warranty: 1year limited warranty
    What car sanders or polisher do you need?
    Most sanders will cite speed figures in terms of Rotations per Minute (RPM) 鈥?the higher the RPM, the faster the disc spins. That鈥檚 the case for the orbital sander and disc sander models, anyways.
    For belt driven models, speed is given in terms of Feet per Minute (FPM) 鈥?the higher the FPM, the faster the belt surface runs. Higher FPM means a higher rate of stock removal, which translates to fewer passes and time needed to work over a surface.
    For sheet sanders, speed is given in Orbits per Minute, which indicates how quickly the machine can pass the sandpaper over a given spot.
    For random orbital sanders and benchtop sanders, there鈥檚 a rate of oscillation given as well. Usually, it is given in terms of times per minute 鈥?a benchtop spindle that oscillates 60 times per minute will shift the sandpaper every second. There鈥檚 a stroke figure usually provided as well, to give you an idea of the extent of the oscillations.
    Size and Sandpaper
    For belt sanders, there are standard belt sizes that will fit on models built for them. Smaller sanders can take belts 3 inches wide and 18 inches long, while the more popular length goes up to 21 inches long. Benchtop sanders can take belts 4 inches wide and 24 inches long, or even longer for heavy-duty sanding.
    Whenever you buy sandpaper, or you are simply checking the ones that come with the sander model, take note of the grit. This figure refers to an estimate of the number of particles in each square inch of the paper 鈥?the higher the number, the more densely packed and finer these abrasive particles are.
    The roughest, coarsest sandpaper have grit in the 40 to 60 grit range. 150 to 180 grit is already considered fine, while there are polishing sandpapers that have grits of 360 and above that can polish material to a satin smooth finish.
    Why Choose AEROPRO
    Founded in 1998
    Grown to over 100,000 square meters of manufacturing space
    More than 1200 dedicated employees.
    The complete product line for Woodfinishing, Decorative, Furniture Finishing, Painting Industry, Industrial Application, Architectural Coating, , Scenic Painting, Cosmetic industries, Painting and Sculpture, Primer Painting.

    Garden workshop.
    RP is a humanization of company, not only provides the good treatment, but also provides a comfortable working environment .
    Exhibition Around The World
    Show RoomAir Sander factory


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