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    1. Product introduction
    Twin screw design ensures excellent squeezing performance.
    Integrated structure, easy for installation and shifting.
    Electromagnetic speed variable motor, with wide range of speed, applied to various raw fish species.
    Stainless Steel crust and mesh plates for the better corrosion resistance.
    Equipped with gear surface hardened reducer, low noise and long life.
    2. Product parameter
    Equipped with YCT electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor.
    Different squeezing ratio are especially designed for different raw fish species to control the moisture and fat content of press cake and guarantee the fish meal quality.
    With double screw squeezing, could get excellent press and degrease result.
    Equipped with cleaning device inside, barely manual cleaning work.
    The shaft,screw patch, stand are made of mild steel, covers, inlet & outlet,mesh plate, mesh, liquid receiver hopper, clamping and std. parts are stainless steel
    3. Certifications
    4. WHY US
    5. FAQcheap Fish Powder Main Machinery


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