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Technological advancement has improved many different industries like Casinos and Gambling. The rapid development of the Internet and wide accessibility of portable products like smartphones and Laptops makes casino games much more handy for players across the world that is considerably more convenient and also offers a seamless gaming experience.

This industry has rapidly developed its digital presence and it is extremely adaptive towards the integration of technology and prepared to fulfill the needs of brand new and existing gamblers. We are able to claim that it will totally alter the whole gambling scenario in the forthcoming few years.

Online gambling today has a range of games and also offers a realistic experience similar to the traditional brick-and-mortar casino. It already has a long history. It was released back in 1994 which is way before Facebook and Google were launched. Since then the Online Gambling Industry continues to grow considerably along with technological evolution .

The Online Gambling Industry has grown so much that in 2015 the market was estimated to be worth more than $38 Billion which is huge and around $42 Billion as in 2017-2018, as stated from research. It is growing exponentially every year and has great potential in the upcoming years.

Technological innovation has played an important role in the development of this industry. Players now have a secure platform to play immersive games and aside from this, they have several benefits such as no need to download any software, no verification betting sites, free slots, no registration, discounts, offers, bonus on money deposit, etc.

Now lets us check out some of the effects of the new technology on the online gambling and casino industry and what we can expect from it in the coming future.

Online Casino Gaming

One of the major enhancement is the Gambling industry we have seen is its shift toward online platforms. The Online Casino has improved a lot over the course of years with technological innovations. Now we have better graphics and audio which provides a 3D engaging gaming atmosphere. Now it is not just limited to websites, today almost everybody owns a smartphone or a personal computer and has a decent internet connection. This has helped the Gambling and Casino industries reach more users across the globe. They can play online casino games right from their smartphone whenever and wherever they want.

AR/VR Casino Gaming

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are two technologies that have seen rapid growth in the past couple of years. They are now available to our smartphones and with their help, we can now play AR/VR Games using a Virtual Reality Headset and enjoy a next-level immersive gaming experience. This has also entered the Online Casino industry and now we can enjoy games such as Blackjack, Poker and Slot Games and feel like we are playing in a real-world casino. The graphics are amazing and the audio quality is at par. The AR/VR technology truly helps the players achieve the ultimate gaming experience.

Artificial Intelligence in Casino Gaming

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is another new technology that is developing at a fast pace in the past few years. Additionally, it has great potential in the Online Casino and Gaming Industry. You may have learned about chatbots that are today offered in the majority of the customer service portal and help assist the user with several of the common queries that can be quickly resolved without the need of a real customer service representative. These chatbots may also help the user to guide through processes as payments, etc, Navigation. Aside from this AI may likewise help produce matches as “Player Vs Machine” for practice.

Cashless and Other forms of Payments

Gone are the days when we had only a few options for the payment. The enhancement in technology has enabled the payment gateway to add a wide range of payment options. Most of the options you will find in Online Casinos will be cashless and you can use your credit card/debit card or any third-party service for payment. Apart from these, most of the payment gateways have also enabled cryptocurrencies as a payment option. Bitcoin is one of the popular cryptocurrency used on these platforms. Moreover, you might also get a surprise discount or cashback while using some of these payment options.


So these were some of the technological advancements in the Online Gambling and Casino Industry. This will continue to evolve for the next few years as software developers will try to find new ideas to keep the players engaged in this addictive gaming platform.

The investors will also continue to invest more and more money in this and try to keep it active for the upcoming years. The future of Online gambling is very bright and we will see a ton of new innovations and a lot of new players joining in to try out their luck on this.

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