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    Product Introduction:
    Burners are commonly known as combustion devices used in industrial fuel furnaces,Can be understood as “fire nozzle” .Usually refers to the main part of the combustion device,there are fuel inlet, air inlet and ejector holes,to distribute fuel and combustion air and in a certain way after the role of combustion.Some (or all) burners can control the output temperature by adjusting the heat output in some ways (including PWM technology).
    The burner, also called inflamer, contains ignition electrode and lame detector.However, a single burner generally does not contain fan, fuel pressurization and transmission pipe and ignition monitoring controller.Burners should be arranged according to the specific structure and heating process requirements of different heating furnaces,also the combustion fan, combustion air pipeline, fuel pressurizing and conveying pipe fitting and ignition monitoring controller.
    Burners are widely used in industrial.
    Burners are divided according to purpose,it can be divided into industrial burner, commercial burner and technological burner.Our company mainly produces industrial application burners, which generally belong to fixed equipment

    Product features:
    High speed natural gas burner, high temperature resistant material, special flame plate structure, gas mixing, precise ratio, solar term effect is remarkable.
    Automatic control system,with automatic ignition, safety cut off, fault alarm, leakage detection cut off function, safety measures perfect.Industrial Burner price


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