A few weeks ago, I shared 11 podcasts we learned from in 2018. To continue the conversation, I asked a few of the podcasters featured to share their strategies on creating and promoting their content. To measure success, many podcasters, including WaitWhat (the team behind Masters of Scale), follow two key metrics:

  • velocity of downloads (the rate of listener downloads over a short time period) and
  • frequency of 4-5 star reviews.
Podcast ad revenue is projected to grow more than 110% by 2020, to $659 million.GETTY

Here are a few expert ideas to help you hit the numbers you want and reach your podcast goals.

Deron Triff, co-founder of WaitWhat, on marketing your podcast:

  • Create an excellent audio trailer that gives platforms like Apple Podcast a reason to promote your show.
  • Design a clever campaign with the goal of generating high-quality reviews.
  • Brainstorm how brand partners can assist in building the initial audience.
  • Search engine optimize the show transcripts you publish.
  • Barter with top podcasts in your category on promotional efforts.
  • Devise an amplification strategy that promotes each episode within the first 24 hours of its release.

Bo Jacober, performance marketing manager for Treehouse’s Changewave podcast, on producing a good show:

  • Listen to your guests. For interview shows, it’s vital to not only come with pre-scripted questions but to allow guests to share the stories they’re passionate about. That’s what we found gets listeners invested in our shows.
  • Be consistent. You need to nurture your relationship with your audience and let them know they can depend on when you’re going to give them new episodes. Nothing can beat trust when it comes to creating a loyal audience.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote your show when you appear on other podcasts. As producers, we need to support each other and help our fans discover shows they will be passionate about. Promoting other shows on your podcast doesn’t cannibalize audiences – it grows them.

Douglas Burdett, host and creator of the Marketing Book podcast, on audience strategy:

  • Find your niche. Rather than creating content for the widest possible audience, determine what Seth Godin refers to as your minimum viable audience. He says: “When you seek to engage with everyone, you rarely delight anyone.” It may seem counterintuitive, but the more you can speak to a very specific audience, the faster it will grow, and with the type of listeners you most want to reach.
  • Focus on your listeners. If your content does not quickly and frequently address what your audience wants in terms of solving problems, or inspiring and teaching them how to be successful, you will struggle to grow your audience.
Doug Melville interviews Iman Oubou, founder & editor in chief of Swaay Media for the Disruptor Series at the Forbes Content Marketing Summit in New York City. GIL VAKNIN PHOTOGRAPHY INC.

Doug Melville, chief diversity officer of TBWA, spoke at last month’s Forbes Content Marketing Summit about his agency’s live interview podcast called the Disruptor Series that aims to inspire current employees and engage potential new hires. His advice for content creators starting out? Book great guests, and more will follow. Everyone wants to know who your last three guests were, he said.

“The podcast marketplace has become extremely competitive, particularly over the past 24 months,” says WaitWhat’s Triff. “Strategies that worked effectively prior to 2017 are not sufficient to be successful today.”  U.S. podcast ad revenue is projected to grow more than 110% by 2020, to $659 million. With so many voices entering the podcast space, it pays to have a clear launch and marketing strategy for your content.

Source: Forbes

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