Location – District of Columbia, United States of America

Mentor Industry – Nonprofit/Social Enterprise

My professional background

I am an optimist who truly believes in and is inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit. Possess 10+ years as a small business counselor for both for-profits and nonprofits, and 20 years of management experience (including oversight of small business development programs and academic/continuing education programs in management/entrepreneurship). As a former Assistant Professor at three area universities, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses in entrepreneurship, business, and strategic management.

My core areas of expertise and interest are business models, value proposition, strategy, business planning, and quality management. I take a holistic approach to small business, focusing on the owner’s knowledge and skills as significant assets. I combine practical knowledge/experience as an entrepreneur, nonprofit executive in higher education and economic development, and academic background (Executive MBA and Quality Management certification).

I look forward to working with you!

How to work with me

What I can offer

Focused on helping entrepreneurs and professionals with understanding strategy and business planning.

My expectations for a successful mentoring relationship

My expectations are simple 1) willingness to learn and 2) honest feedback.

How entrepreneurs can prepare before we start

Preparation should include writing down and documenting: 1) your true goals and motivation for starting/owning the business (no matter how big the goal), 2) your needs to accomplish the goals, 3) personal and professional strengths (volunteer, leadership, work experience, etc., even if not related to business/industry) and 4) your definition of a successful mentoring relationship for you.


  • Job title: Founder/Consultant
  • Company: Plannotes
  • https://www.plannotes.co
  • Ownership experience: 4 years
  • Management experience: 20 years
  • Country experience: United States of America


  • Accounting and Finance: Budgeting
  • Accounting and Finance: Cash Flow
  • Human Resources: Employee Training
  • Management: Board Development
  • Management: Business Strategy
  • Management: Leadership
  • Management: Other Management
  • Management: Planning and Goal Setting
  • Management: Project Management
  • Management: Work-Life Balance
  • Marketing: Branding and Identity
  • Marketing: Marketing Strategy
  • Operations: Process Improvement
  • Operations: Program Design & Evaluation
  • Operations: Quality Management
  • Starting Up: Business Planning
  • Starting Up: Getting Started
  • Starting Up: Other Business Planning

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