The world of Forex trading is not easy to traverse. With countless brokers across the landscape, it can be difficult to determine which brokers are transparent with their offerings and which ones aren’t trustworthy. For this reason, we have taken the time to review MaximusFx – an online broker that promises transparency and reliability without regulation – see our evaluative criteria below for more details about maximus reviews.

What is MaximusFx?

MaximusFx is a trading company started in 2013 that provides thematic investing for binary options traders. MaximusFx created the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) framework to help traders trade like they would in an environment of stocks, commodities, and indices. MaximusFx also offers four different platforms for beginners or less well-known markets; but it’s mainly aimed at more experienced traders.

MaximusFx’s Products and Services

MaximusFx offers classified trading, top of the line trading platforms for professional traders, global market expert advisers, account aggregators, fund rating titles, commodity rating titles, an ETF rating service and more.

Security of trading with MaximusFx?

 MaximusFx is committed to providing a fee-free, secure trading environment with state-of-the-art encryption for both binary options and Forex trading. All of their communications are encrypted with SSL 128-bit technology, along with encrypted server access to ensure privacy of confidential information. Their servers are among the most secure location for data storage.

Customer Reviews About the Company

The initial post was made on December 5, 2019 by user “Amatobi Alex” who alleges to have lost USD$8,100 after making two transactions with the company. The first withdrawal was for $2,000 and it was successful. The second withdrawal attempt for $3,100 was unsuccessful and after several attempts to withdraw his money became unsuccessful,  he ultimately concluded that MaximusFx is a scam.

What trading platforms does MaximusFx provide?

MaximusFx provides two different trading platforms to its top-tier customers. The MT4 platform is a downloadable software program while the web platform, which is more widely used by MaximusFx traders, is browser-based software – accessible from a computer, tablet or a smartphone.


MaximusFx  is unregulated and does not offer any support or advice to its clients which might be an indicator of suspicious behavior. These factors make it worth looking at the MaximusFx website before you invest your hard-earned money elsewhere.

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