A study performed by Diode Digital Marketing stated that video is around 600% more effective than print media with regards to reaching and influencing people. About 50% of consumers look up a product video before making the purchase.

AI has been automating most of our business aspects, and the video domain is not untouched by this transition.

AI and neural networks are finding their application in the video creation process, allowing brands and businesses to create marketing videos on a massive scale.

AI-powered video creation platforms have the ability to create videos on a massive scale seamlessly.

With advanced object recognition techniques along with scene detection and self-tagging capabilities, AI has the potential to make media easily searchable and discoverable by leveraging Machine Learning capabilities.

Contrary to the popular notion that video creation platforms are cumbersome like download youtube video, AI has pioneered an era of user-friendly video editors that are a breeze to use and perfectly suit the requirements of any growth campaign.

In this post, we will decode a few ways through which AI can help in scaling video creation and how this can benefit your marketing requirements.

How Is AI Helping In Creating Videos At Scale?

Lately, AI is finding huge applications in video creation platforms. Web-based movie maker platforms have been leveraging AI to provide cutting-edge features such as text to video, scene recognition, and advanced tagging capabilities.

A majority of the video audience considers brand created promotional content useless.

This has put video creators and marketers under enormous pressure to constantly create engaging content that generates engagement among users.

AI and Machine Learning capabilities have ushered in an era of advanced and time-efficient video creation techniques that have streamlined the video creation workflow and made the entire process time-efficient.

Here are a few ways through which AI has benefitted the video creation space.

1. Instantly create a video using any textual content: Enabled by AI

Perhaps one of the greatest pains of any video creator is the fact that in order to create even a single informative video, they have to spend countless hours in front of a monstrous video creation platform.

Even an intrinsically simple explained video has numerous hours put into it during its production. AI, however, has simplified this video creation process.

With advanced AI-enabled video creation platforms, you can simply enter any textual content in the editor, and the AI will start working its magic!

You can have a stunning video ready within minutes without going through the hassle of managing the intricacies of the video creation platform.

Even someone with zero prior video editing experience will find themselves at home using these AI-driven video editors and you can download video from youtube to see how it works.

2. Ensure efficient time utilization

The advertisement industry is constantly evolving, and with the dynamic marketing trends, it’s essential that video creators are always at work, churning out great marketing videos.

Even the most experienced video editors need several hours to develop and process a single promo video. AI, however, changes that.

AI-powered video creation platforms have drastically reduced the time required to create a video.

With an expansive selection of pre-existing templates that AI-enabled video creation platforms provide, creators have simply one task at their hands- Choosing the desired video template.

AI has also enabled video creation platforms to have an auto-tagging feature powered by NLP.

This means that when you tell the creator to look for images with ‘Mountains,’ the AI actually understands what a mountain is and shows you the images that have mountains in them.

This can be immensely helpful when looking for specific footage from a large database, leading to optimal time efficiency and utilization.

3. Streamline the post-production process

Post-production deals with adding final touches to the video and making it delivery ready. Most of the post-production tasks are repetitive in nature and can be easily automated with AI.

Attaching thumbnails, flashcards, adding video meta-data, and a host of other post-production steps have the scope of getting fully automated using AI.

This can save a lot of time on the creator’s part and ensures an efficient video creation process. Moreover, advanced AI-enabled video creation platforms to automate the video creation process entirely.

Color correction, face detection, scene recognition, and matching skin tones even, all of these aspects can be taken care of by leveraging advanced AI-driven video creation techniques.

Although video creators can choose to deploy their own color calibration and techniques, you can let AI take the driving seat and create an impactful video within minutes.

4. Integrate audio in videos effortlessly

Traditional video creation platforms required creators to manually sync videos with the audio. This was a cumbersome task, and creators had to spend countless hours fine-tuning the audio to match perfectly with the video.

An AI-enabled YouTube editor or online youtube downloader can create perfectly synced promo videos without many efforts and spares you the hassle of working long hours, just to get the audio right.

AI can enable seamless scene transitions, remove unwanted words, and even reducing the BGM when dialogue comes up in the video. All of these features can be fully automated without requiring any form of human intervention.


In the era when Digital promotional mediums overtaking traditional promotional methods, it is crucial to ensure that your video creation journey is streamlined and provides maximum efficacy that perfectly supplements your marketing strategy.

The implementation of AI in video creation is in its nascent stages, and it is only a matter of time when we see even more AI applications in video creation platforms.

There are certainly more applications of AI in the video creation space awaiting for us in the future.

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