When it comes to startups they all have one thing in common and that’s limited time..as every minute is crucial. Work becomes overwhelming it becomes harder to take a lunch break, but what’s not hard is running to the vending machine and grabbing a quick snack or even meal in that case. 

Technology has made vending machines cooler and also made them offer more varieties of items to dispense, you can get a meal from a vending machine.

If you are considering starting or buying a  flexible small business that is easy to run, then you should consider buying a vending machine business, as I was browsing sites I tumbled upon This article that detailed places to put vending machines but one place I didn’t see is placing them in startup offices or buildings such as WeWork or other co-working spaces.

4 types of vending machines to place in startup offices 


Coffee is a beverage that’s consumed by millions of people a day, and having this machine in an office building will get you a return on your investment, it shows that the average American drinks up to 3 cups of coffee a day according to the NCA.


On the computer all day getting a bit fatigued, instead of stepping out of the office down a flight of stairs waiting on the light to grab a candy, you can place these machines where now they can simply walk down the hall and select from a variety of yummy snacks, it’s a sweet deal for both you and the eater!


Nothing more refresher than a smoothie on a nice summer day, I saw this cool smoothie maker in a gas station, and overall it was not that bad, I loved it! Placing these machines is a great idea and also they are not that big and won’t take up much space.


Whether it’s in the office cafeteria or in the office itself offering this machine to office units makes be smart, they plug it in and it starts to heat the frozen food, they can place hot dogs, chicken rolls, and much more fun bites, you profit by supplying them the food it’s a win-win.


Thinking outside the box is always a great idea if others may think it’s crazy you don’t have to believe them, I am pretty sure if everyone who listened to other people’s advice and stopped their dreams we wouldn’t have much of the advanced technology we have now. Vending machines are a great source of income and offer you an additional or even full-time income. I listed the 4 above only but there are many more types of vending machine opportunities you can start or even invest in a vending machine business that’s already established and you keep adding on to it!

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