Location – United States of America

Mentor Industry – Online/Social Media

My professional background

I primarily develop databases and websites, however as of late I have been more or less guiding others in their journeys of figuring out how to use all types of technology to their advantage. But I have been involved with spreadsheets, financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, managing banking and credit with Quickbooks and ADP accounting. I have been self employed for 8 years now but have worked for 3 different large organizations since I started in the technology field. My best accomplishment was a major fix of a software application for a large aerospace company here in Iowa. I worked with numerous developers, customers, aerospace professionals and pilots to accomplish that goal. I have 10 years of experience developing web applications and desktop applications in many different platforms and languages. I use both the windows and linux operating systems for software development. I am also quite well versed in making software effective with regard to marketing strategies and gaining visibility. If you would like to review my profile, you can visit my LinkedIn page here: https//www.linkedin.com/in/adamevanovich.

How to work with me

What I can offer

I have an interest in helping people understand the entire technological landscape and how it relates to the business world. For instance, helping people understand what technology forces affect different types f businesses, and what forces will affect them in the future. I also have a good amount of knowledge regarding website and server security, with regard to strategies on how to avoid wasted time on illegitimate traffic/automated communication and robot-based phone calls/texts.

My expectations for a successful mentoring relationship

I would expect that someone needing my assistance has already done a lot of research on their own regarding what their needs are. I am willing to show them how to research as well but I do not have a lot of time available for it. However, I do realize that not everyone has been taught how to effectively search for solutions online.

How entrepreneurs can prepare before we start

Be as educated as you can be on what your needs are and what goals you want to accomplish regarding your technology setup and social media presence.


  • Job title: Software Engineer / Consultant
  • Company: Evanovich Technology
  • Ownership experience: 8 years
  • Management experience: 8 years
  • Country experience: United States of America


  • Technology and Internet: Managing Technology
  • Technology and Internet: Technology Planning
  • Technology and Internet: Website Design
  • Technology and Internet: Other Technology and Internet

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