Mentor Industry – Financial/Insurance Services

Location – Hoboken,New Jersey, United States of America

My professional background

I am a double major in finance and accounting from The Pennsylvania State University. I have my master’s degree in accounting as well as a CPA. I have worked in investment banking at Bank of America where I worked on raising capital through the debt and equity markets as well as M&A deals. I then worked at a family office, Basin Holdings, investing in industrial manufacturing and oil & gas companies for high net worth individuals. Currently, I work at a startup plastics designer and manufacturer on their M&A and business strategy team.

How to work with me

What I can offer

I have experience in working with numerous businesses through my time at Bank of America, Basin Holdings, and currently at Westfall. At Basin, I oversaw the financial operations of two businesses, and at Westfall currently work with over 10 portfolio companies on improving operations, looking at various financing options, and budgeting/forecasting/planning.

On the side, I have worked on starting up a real estate business that invests in multifamily residential properties. I have currently closed on two properties and continue to look for more opportunities in the real estate space.

My expectations for a successful mentoring relationship

Constant communication is key. It is important to set goals and expectations early on and develop a plan towards achieving them. I would like to use my background in finance, accounting, and management to be a resource. I have developed valuable knowledge and given the tough times at many small businesses, thought that it would be the perfect time to partner with a small business. I would love to be able to provide advice to help solve and overcome a problem that can lead to a business’ success.

How entrepreneurs can prepare before we start

It would be helpful to have a brief summary of the business, challenges, and desired goals that they would like to achieve. Depending on what is needed, it will probably be helpful to have a set of financial statements (income statement and balance sheet) to understand the current state of the business. The financial statements are also helpful in determining what parts of the business should be targeted for improvement.


  • Job title: Senior Associate – M&A
  • Company: Westfall Technik
  • Ownership experience: 1 year
  • Management experience: 3 years
  • Country experience: United States of America


  • Accounting and Finance: Accounting
  • Accounting and Finance: Budgeting
  • Accounting and Finance: Cash Flow
  • Accounting and Finance: Financial Planning
  • Accounting and Finance: Loans and Financing
  • Management: Business Strategy
  • Management: Growth and Development
  • Management: Leadership
  • Management: Project Management
  • Starting Up: Business Planning

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