Every enterprise wants to hire the best candidates for their business. But how many of them are actually being successful in the process? What steps are enterprises taking to ensure that they hire not just qualified candidates but also those who can fit into their work environment with ease?

Wanting to hire quality employees requires more than just a thought. Enterprises will need to have a proper plan to approach the hiring process from a different perspective. One way to handle it is by opting for the services of companies that conduct the pre employment tests for candidates.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a candidate for the job. Apart from the educational qualifications and work experience, the candidate needs to be assertive, balanced, able to solve problems, think quick, be courteous, not have behavioral issues, be productive, etc. The list is exhaustive and only when an employee can tick all or most of the boxes is that he/ she can stay and grow with the business.


For enterprises to improve their employee retention and focus on employee engagement, they need to hire employees who are worthy of the business. A single test cannot decide if the candidate will be a successful employee in the enterprise or not. Though enterprises have a series of tests and interviews spanned as various stages of the recruitment process, we can see how some employees leave the job within a year. We can also see enterprises not being happy with their hiring.

The main reason for this is that the tests and interviews do not comprehensively assess a candidate. If the test sheets are evaluated by humans instead of systems, there will always be an element of human error that could result in wrong analysis. The pre employment tests conducted by the companies ensure that the element of human error is reduced to nil.

The tests are conducted virtually and use real-time scenarios and audio and video elements as a part of the test form. The forms are evaluated by the system based on pre-specified parameters. Let us take a look at some of the Best Hiring Assessments in the industry.

  • Job-Based Assessments

    • The companies have standard test forms for every job in the industry. The questions are framed based on the generic job description and can be edited by the enterprises. Questions from all the subjects related to the job are included in the test form. The difficulty level can be adjusted and a new modified test form can be created.
    • Example: Customer Care Representative, Marketing Manager, Business Executive, etc.
  • Subject-Based Assessments

    • Predefined test forms are available for every subject. Many enterprises prefer to take questions from the individual subject-related test forms and create their own templates. The vast database provided by the companies helps enterprises choose and pick questions faster.
    • Example: Microsoft Office- MS Excel, MS PowerPoint (multiple versions), etc.
  • Behavioral Assessments

    • Understanding and assessing the behavioral patterns of an employee will help shortlist candidates who can easily fit into the working environment of the enterprise. The questions in the test form are scenario-based and focus on gaining insights about the way a candidate would react and respond in various situations.
  • Modular/ Multi-Subject Assessments

    • The companies provide re-defined modules with multiple subjects as a part of the test form. Enterprises can choose any of the existing modules for the test. The forms can be customized to meet the specifications of the enterprise. A Test Advisor will assist the HR team and help in customizing the test form.
    • Example: Typing and Data Entry, Business Intelligence, Hardware and Networking, etc.
  • Aptitude/ Analytical Assessments

    • Aptitude tests are the most common assessment tests in the industry. Logical thinking, problem-solving, email etiquette, attention to detail, verbal reasoning, multitasking, etc. are some of the topics covered in aptitude assessments.

There are many advantages of using the best hiring assessments as pre employment tests.

  • Enterprises save up to 60% of their time and 70% of the cost of hiring by opting for the virtual pre employment tests.
  • Candidates can attempt the tests from their existing locations. The advanced simulations ensure that no additional software needs to be downloaded as the test form will work on most computer systems.
  • The test forms can be integrated into the existing HR systems of the enterprise. This allows the HR team to work on a single system.
  • Enterprises can upload the documents related to their business to the test form. Data security is provided by the companies in compliance with the industry-grade standards.

The companies provide 24×7 technical assistance to the enterprises to finalize the test form, conducting the pre employment tests, and short listing eligible candidates for further interviews.


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