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As an entrepreneur, you put a tremendous strain on your mental health. From pitching your idea to investors to managing your new company, you need a clear mind and manageable emotions to meet the challenges you set for yourself. Yet, it’s easy to neglect your mental health when you’re intensely focused on creating a new business. Fortunately, you can address many of the issues that come up quickly, conveniently, and inexpensively. Technology provides new answers that fit your busy life.

Therapy Via Teleconferencing

Therapy has a lot to offer entrepreneurs. By talking to a counselor, you can work out ways to deal with the anxiety that comes with doing something totally new. You can explore ways to overcome fear of failure, or just as difficult, fear of success. Through therapy, you can deal with the emotional ups and downs that seem to be an integral part of entrepreneurship. The problem is that time is very precious to an entrepreneur. Driving to a therapist’s office and waiting for an appointment may seem like too much of a time investment.

However, online therapy sites like BetterHelp make it possible for you to get therapy wherever you choose. All you have to do is download a teleconferencing app provided to you by the therapy site and set an appointment to connect with your counselor. Find a private place to talk, and get comfortable. Therapists use sound psychological methods to help you deal with the problems and pressures in your life. It’s just like going to an office for counseling sessions, but you do it wherever you like and with no downtime for traffic and waiting rooms.

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Mental Health Apps

You’re proactive in dealing with business problems. Why not carry the same attitude over to your mental health? With the right mobile apps, you may be able to keep small problems under control before they become major obstacles. Relaxation apps can help you practice mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, or other techniques to keep anxiety at bay. Depression and gratitude apps are extremely useful for helping you keep your positive attitude and motivation. You can even download an app to help you get through panic attacks.

Also, if you’re doing online therapy, your counselor might suggest you use certain mental health apps on your phone to keep working on your issues whenever you have spare time for it. For example, you can use a cognitive behavior therapy app to identify feelings, the thoughts behind them, and cognitive distortions.

While you can download and use these apps on your own, they’re much more effective when combined with therapy. The counselor can help you go beyond just following instructions to understanding the technique and how it applies to your challenges. Then, if any deeper problems come up while using the apps, they can help you develop a plan for resolving them.

As an entrepreneur, you need a healthy mind and stable emotions. When you have them, your chances of success increase. Just as important, you enjoy the journey more and may find even greater satisfaction when you reach your dreams.

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