Instagram has become a hub for aesthetically pleasing pictures. If not for the most popular picture sharing platform and its video maker, IGTV, Instagram might not have been such a rage. So what is IGTV anyways?

An extended form of the picture sharing media, IGTV is a video platform for content. Ideally, the length of each video ranges from 15 seconds, and it goes up to about 10 minutes for regular users. From creating videos on DIY products, recipes, or promoting the new real estate marketing strategy, IGTV is the ideal platform for marketing products and services.

Naturally, anyone would want to establish their presence on IGTV. In this blog, we will share with you nineteen tips that will help you do that.

IGTV Tips for Marketers

  • Technicalities

Since IGTV is best suited for mobile phones, one needs to be aware of the technicalities involved. The primary criteria is that your video needs to be at least 15 seconds long. So if you are looking at marketing your product via IGTV, the best start-up point will be to create a video with an ideal aspect ratio of 9:16.

Keep the video interesting, and ideally, keep it for about 10 – 20 seconds long—an ideal attention span for your video. In case you plan on making it a series of videos, create a storyboard that brings about continuity for a range of videos that you will post in the time to come.

  • Time Span

Just because you can stream your video for up to 10 mins, does not mean you will go overboard with it. Keep it interesting but short.

  • Target the right audience

Instagram marketing is all about knowing where your audience is and testing out the format with IGTV. It will make an excellent marketing strategy if marketers use the forum to target the age groups while uploading their videos. Most active Instagram users are between the ages of 18-34 and 34-44. Best results in the promotion of videos can be observed when the audience is kept in mind.

  • Orientation

Most videos created usually adapt to the vertical video format. While creating and marketing videos on Insta, one would need to make sure that these are shot in the right format. Any change in orientation to suit the video’s needs, and you may lose out on the views.

  • Using the right titles

Uploading a video is relatively simple; getting the right attention though, is the tough part. On uploading your video, make sure that there is a short description in as less as 75 characters to attract viewer attention. A good image or a catchy phrase can invite the right audience even before clicking on the video.

  • Creating a series

You could create videos around the central topic and give it a correct name. In case you think you’ve missed out on something, you could always go back and edit the preview before posting it.

  • Hashtags

Hashtags add value to your video. You could add these in the description to promote your video. It’s best to stick to relevant hashtags for additional eyeballs. The relevant the hashtag, the better is its reach, and irrelevant ones usually backfire.

  • Stay in tune

Most marketers lose out on the relevance of the content while creating the video. After identifying your audience, the video gets marketed well only if it is in tune with your audience and content.

  • Change the style

Often tutorials tend to spread the message better than the usual content. Thus “how-to” videos may have a better reach than a mundane monologue. With a massive market for doing it yourself videos, a video of this kind gets several views almost instantly. For example, in the case of fashion brands, trying out different looks and giving out ideas can better market the video.

  • Accessorizing it

Instagram has recently introduced a host of apps that can make videos look better. When marketing products, these can come very handy. This is also useful as besides using the record button, the videos can be created with additional quality features.

  • Innovate

Instead of going the usual way, try and highlight products using a staff member or perhaps a team that describes how the product is used. Such videos give out a new perspective engaging several customers at the same time.

  • Try out newer environments

Videos shot in the same boring atmosphere can create very static views. Impress new audiences by moving around the office space, for example, and highlight features of the product in an unusual way. Customers often prefer a more unique way of looking at the same product, especially if you plan a series of videos for promotional purposes.

  • Spread the knowledge

Videos often use technical jargon and end abruptly. Those who aim to walk the extra mile in giving a message and cutting through technicalities can fetch more views. One could do that with providing explanations as the video progresses. Connecting with the audience using simple terms can help marketers promote their videos better.

  • Interviews

Often interviews conducted as teasers or as actual clippings of interviews can help market your product better. For an audio-visual medium, there may be several questions that get answered when interviewed right. An interaction, a few descriptive hashtags as the conversation progresses can help improve visibility. IGTV’s space can be used to host these interviews for influencing potential customers.

  • Titling/ Subtitles

A moving picture in a video is quite impressive, and titling the product right helps a great deal. Subtitles help identify and recall the product better and tap into viewers who are hard of hearing. Many people also like to view their videos on mute, so titling videos is a good idea.

  • Streaming the event

A great way to virtually connect with viewers is either to attach a watch party or have a banner with “Tonight’s Show” added to the video. In case you are planning on promoting a series of videos, a sequentially placed list can help. You could record the option and store it for those who couldn’t “attend” virtually.

  • Cross-Promote

Instagram is a visual tour for viewers to move from one stream to another. To get your IGTV videos noticed, add this content on other social media channels. Even if they haven’t logged in, the chances are that they will as they are used to viewing your videos.

  • Prep the Text

Using pop-up text as the cover page before the beginning of the video adds a mysterious element. You can place these anywhere you want within the video. Besides, you could also use this text to reiterate your subject and highlight the critical points of the video.

  • Get to the point and fast

Don’t take an eternity to get to the point. Viewer attention span is concise; thus, even if you have a space of a one hour video, wrap it up under 3 minutes. Keep it as short as possible, and get to the point in a jiffy to keep the viewers engaged.

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