Republik City News is set to launch Whoop, an online rating platform for businesses and services in Africa and the world.

Set to be launched in Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco, then the rest of the world, Whoop, the Yelp for Africa will list businesses and services online where users can try them and rate them.

The site allows users to see, review and rate various places, and also share pictures and “selfies” of themselves and loved ones having fun at various places.

The platform aims to be the number one site for all local and international potential customers for anyone’s business and will help businesses and startups to reach customers as well as provide businesses with a marketing platform to reach more potential customers. It will also provide businesses with the much-needed feedback through customer reviews, help users with whatever they are looking for such as the best restaurant, service or business to suit their needs and also identify the latest or NEW businesses, services or restaurants in a town or country and above all allow users to express their opinions about a business through customer reviews.

Amenorhu kwaku, founder of Republik City News says, “Sometime in 2020, our parent company, SuccessValley, was trying to list their business on Yelp and was not allowed because it was an Africa Startup. It dawned on me that there was really no centralized web service that offered free listings for Africa businesses and startups.

After a long search, Amenorhu discovered he wasn’t alone.

“I also discovered I wasn’t alone in this, I realized many Africa businesses and startups had the same problem looking for a place to list their businesses as well as free access to find potential customers. At that point, I realized it was time to act very fast, so in a bid to solve this problem, we decided to develop a solution that would address this need,” added Amenorhu.

This gave birth to Whoop. One good thing about whoop is that it gives equal opportunities to every business or startup without limiting them like Yelp as well as not compromising on quality.

Set to launch publicly soon, Whoop aims to help businesses and startups find potential customers as well as users find affordable places to eat, wine or dine or somewhere to take your date to, a place to relax with family, friends and loved ones or just somewhere to wriggle and jiggle. The site aims to concentrate on Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco, attain a critical mass in the areas then expand across Africa to become a “Yelp or Foursquare” of Africa.

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