Are you looking forward to increasing your productivity in the workplace? Do you want to stay fit even if you work from 9 AM to 5 PM? Making a morning workout routine is a great idea. In fact, all successful fitness enthusiasts have a morning workout routine that works perfectly for them. It is possible to develop a workout routine that will enable you to add some physical activities to your day. Below are the top morning workout routines that you can try as an office worker.

Have a Home Gym

If you are lucky enough to have a home gym, then you are one step ahead in becoming fit. It is easier and more convenient to wake up and already be at the gym in your own home. If possible, having a personal trainer is good also. However, you can create your own plan using advice from reliable sources and experts. Making it a habit to exercise every morning will recharge your body for maximum productivity during the day and also keep you fit.

Bodyweight Workouts

For those who are determined enough, it is possible to wake up early and engage in bodyweight workouts. These include stretching, push-ups, squats and jumping jacks. The beauty of these bodyweight workouts is that they do not require you to go outside or have any types of equipment. You can do them in your bedroom, sitting room or balcony depending on where space allows.

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Jogging or Running

This is one of the best morning workout routines for many people. In fact, many towns and cities encourage people to run in the morning by creating the necessary facilities like parks, walking paths and sidewalks. With this kind of exercise, your day will definitely be active on top of keeping your heart healthy at all times.

Experienced athletes who use steroids from reliable websites also run in the morning to ensure that they pump enough blood to all body areas before they start the typical training of the day. This way, their gear will become more effective.


You are better off with yoga in the morning than in the evening. Because it is an exercise that helps you both physically and mentally, the morning hours are the best to engage in yoga. Imagine having an opportunity to stretch all muscles while you meditate and plan the activities of the day. Yoga is the ultimate exercise that you need in the morning for a fit and fruitful day. You can perform it a few days a week to allow for other exercises that we have discussed above.

Walking or Cycling to Work

Do not be afraid to sweat it out. Walking or cycling to work is very healthy. Anyone can walk to work even if it is accomplished by parking the car or alighting from a public service vehicle a distance away from the office. Include taking the stairs as part of this walking routine. Mainly, this is for those who have not had an opportunity to work out in the morning.

With this and the other routines that we have discussed, you have many options to start your morning with a fitness activity even as a 9-to-5 employee.

Source: Republik City News

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