We all know that there are thousands of social media platforms available in today’s market. But users love only a few platforms because they trust them. One of the most trustable and loved platforms is WhatsApp. There are thousands of reasons which prove that there are a lot of advantages to using WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. For example the best privacy feature, backup feature for your data, and many more. There will be no one other who can get access to your conversation that is the best part about using this platform. And if you lose your data by mistake then you can take a backup anytime with this platform.

Why WhatsApp instead of text?

WhatsApp uses text messages instead of anything other because of a lot of reasons. For example, it is the shortest form of sending information and it can work on the slowest Mod of the internet. If you are in a remote area where the internet is very slow at that time you can’t send heavy and big files to anyone. At that time only messages can be sent because it is the lightest way to send information to anybody. That is why it is the easiest and the better way that WhatsApp is used.

How many WhatsApp apps are there?

In today’s market, the WhatsApp platform offers applications for all users. The first one is simple WhatsApp Messenger and the second is WhatsApp business. As we all know WhatsApp Messenger is free for all users and anyone can use it who has a smartphone and a mobile number. And the second WhatsApp business is for users who are involved in any business and have queries every time. That platform is not free and it will charge you whenever you create your account on that.

How many WhatsApp users are in India?

At present WhatsApp is used in India more than all the applications. in the counting figure, it almost crossed 390 million users. This is the biggest number of all time because all the countries have almost half the number of users if you compared it to India. The second number on the basis of users is Brazil which has an accounting figure of 108 million only. that means India has three times more users than the country that stood in the second position.

How many WhatsApp messages per day?

As of now, more than a hundred million messages were sent in conversations on the WhatsApp platform. This is a very huge number and If we talk about the average use time that a user spends on this platform. Then it comes to around 38 minutes a day that an Android user is spending on this platform. It is becoming an addiction to the new generation of people and also has some disadvantages.

How much WhatsApp costs?

As we all know WhatsApp is free for every user. you just have to download enter your phone number and you are ready to go now. it’s become a very common application that users are using to interact with their friends, family members, and relatives. But if you are sending more than 2 million messages per month then the cost will be $.0080/messageBut we all know that it is a very big number and we cannot reach that very easily. So do not worry about anything just enjoy this application for free.

How much does a WhatsApp business account cost?

WhatsApp Business is another version of WhatsApp that is used by professional users who are involved in a business. All the features are same but the main difference is that it is not free to use. You have to buy it subscription whose cost is almost 999 per month. If you want to use this application for any business queries then it will become the best option for you because there will be a lot of features that will help you.

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