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When preparing the material for the presentation, it should be borne in mind that the slides – is not the main thing, and even not obligatory. Peter Norvig even created a parody presentation for the speech by Abraham Lincoln to show how slides sometimes are inappropriate. The main thing – what you want to say, whether to show, and sometimes say – is more important than a show. Although, even when you show it – it’s important to explain exactly what you are showing.

The presentation on technology in education consists of three different artifacts:

  • The slides themselves are what the audience sees and what it is worth to explain
  • Handouts are what you can share with everyone in the audience and contain details of the information you are telling. For example, a list of literature and other references, or statistical tables. It is advisable to distribute these materials after the presentation, otherwise the audience will not focus on you.
  • Notes to slides – what you only see, and what you need to know by heart, and keep as soon as it becomes necessary due to sudden loss of memory. It’s very bad when the text that was supposed to be in these notes is placed on the slides. All of you will read this text faster than you, they will quickly get bored, you will stop listening and will begin to fall asleep.

Make sure to ask the right question

Before you search for answers, you need to know the question. And it is desirable that this is a correct question.

Buddha said that in humankind, the situation as a man in which the arrow hit – painful and urgent. Would it be normal if this person, instead of asking how to pull an arrow and heal the wound, asked how arrows shoot from the bow, how did they choose the color of the arrow, etc? When we want to make a presentation better, we should not ask which animations to use, we should focus on something more substantial

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Here are some of the right questions to ask:

  • How much time do I have?
  • For whom is the presentation?
  • What are you waiting for?
  • What is the main purpose of my presentation?
  • If after watching they remember only one thing, what should they remember?
  • Why is it important that they remember this?

After we have formulated the questions and know what to work on, we can start the creative process. This process consists of several steps, and then we will consider it, but before that we will examine the first step – the generation of ideas.

Your perfect PowerPoint presentation should answer all these requirements:

  • Simple. If everything is important — nothing is important. Choose the most important thing and try to highlight it.
  • Unexpected. Tell people what they did not know before. Or, for example, make people ask themselves a question they do not have an answer to, and then give it.
  • Specific. Use Examples. Set measurable goals. For example, for the space program, the US president did not say “we want to increase the intensity of research in the field of space science,” he said “until such a year we will deliver a man to the moon and back.”
  • Speak not numbers, but what these numbers mean.
  • Emotions! Emotions are something that you can feel and that you can make your audience feel. You can do this with both a simple narration and an image.
  • History. People are accustomed to listening and telling stories, a way in which our culture was preserved and transmitted to the invention of the letter. A good story contains a conflict between expectations and reality, which then her hero tries to solve in the process of a long struggle until it comes to a decision. A good story contains a contrast between what was before and the fact that after, between the protagonists, between the problem and the solution. 

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