What do you want: formulate a clear goal

It is advisable to write the position you are applying for right under the name and contacts. This is your positioning in the job market and this is the purpose of your resume. But lengthy formulations about high-paying jobs and building a career in a big company are better to avoid. These are templates that are simply copied into your resume from examples and don’t tell the employer anything.

It is important to clearly articulate the position you are applying for, and make sure that it corresponds to the wording in the vacancy. Don’t write many variations – if you are interested in several fields, it’s better to adapt your resume for different jobs.

As for the style of writing, it is better to be formal than informal if you want to go far. The difference is mainly in the way you address the person reading your letter. Informal writing creates a sense of intimacy, but not all employers like it. To know which style to choose, you should research the company’s culture and its human resources policies.

In a nutshell: write down the key information

After the objective, it’s important to add a key information section. These are a few items that show exactly what kind of professional you are and why you’re right for the position. For example, how many years you’ve worked in the right industry, whether you have experience in the relevant position, what your expertise, valuable skills and abilities are. When writing this section, consider the specifics of the position.

If experience working with teams in different countries is required and you have it, add it to the key information. If the job requires fluency in English, it is important to mention this.

Visual impact: add a presentable picture

If you have a quality business photo, it’s recommended that you use it on your resume. It won’t be the deciding factor, but it will help to make your resume stand out visually among other documents, to create an image.

At the same time, it is important that the photo does not have the opposite effect. So, the resume has no place for selfies, photos from friendly get-togethers, passport photos.

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