The resume is concise and structured

In today’s dynamic world, there is no time to read long, and not always fascinating, stories about each candidate’s career path.

Resumes should be informative and concise, even if you have 15+ years of experience under your belt. Focus on your last three jobs; that’s what the employer is most interested in.

Include only the most key tasks, functional responsibilities, and accomplishments on your resume. Do not use big words, write short and to the point descriptions.


Be sure to list your accomplishments (achievements) for each job. They should be specific, measurable and relevant to the position.

As you know – it’s not the process that counts, it’s the outcome. Therefore the candidate is evaluated by the presence of successful cases, and not by the endless list of responsibilities.

Describing tasks from strategic to tactical, from priority to lower priority

Having outlined your tasks and responsibilities, rank them in descending order from super important to less important.

If you have a number of current tasks and routines that aren’t important to the role you’re applying for, don’t include them in your description and overload your resume.

Break down the functional responsibilities into blocks

If you have an expanded area of responsibility, work multitasking, are involved in cross-projects and participate in several business processes, when it comes time to write a resume, you don’t know where to start and what to prioritize, everything is important.

To make this category of candidate’s resume look structured, divide the functional responsibilities into blocks and make a brief description for each.

For example, if you are in the commercial division, make the following blocks: Sales, Marketing, Operations.

Do not duplicate the description of your experience from company to company

Your experience is unique. At each job, you gain new knowledge, build competencies, achieve results, and move forward.

Do not copy functional responsibilities and accomplishments from one job to another, even if nothing changes dramatically in your view.

You are evolving, your experience and competencies are building and multiplying. Reflect on your professional development in each job by describing your broader area of responsibility, new tasks, responsibilities, and results.

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