Process essays are not as common, but you can expect one or two such assignments in your school life. Sometimes, the essay comes without a topic, and it is up to you to decide on the topic to write about. Tough? Not quite, with the right guidance, you can select a topic that will be comfortable for you to write on and easy for your tutor to understand. Below is a guide on how to choose a great topic.

Choose A Topic That Personally Interests You

If you are interested in a certain topic, it is only natural that you will have fun writing about it. Writing your essay will not be a task that you have to complete but more like an adventure. For topics that you love, your enthusiasm will show through your writing. This is not to mean that you will get away with delivering below par. You essay still needs to be well structured, well throughout, and generally well written.

Stay Away From Hard Topics

A topic may be quite interesting but hard. A difficult topic may prove to be a headache when you have invested too much time into it. Hard topics may also be difficult to understand and your tutor may have a hard time reading and grading your paper. This can only translate to low grades. If you do not understand a topic from the beginning, find adequate information on it or find the info too complex, do not write about it.

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Decide On Essay Type To Write

Different essay types come with different requirements. For example, a comparative essay requires you to put two items against each other. If you choose to write an argumentative essay, you have to select a controversial topic and give it a unique spin. Make a decision on the type of essay to write based on the topic you choose.

Get All The Resources From The Start

This goes without saying you should only start writing when you have all the necessary resources. Ensure that you have adequate information to write and complete the essay. This will save you from the agony of starting your assignment only to realize halfway through the paper that you cannot access some important resources.

If you still having a hard time choosing a topic for your essay, you can reach out for some professional help. There are experts in this field who will offer more than enough process essay topics, and you can choose the one that best appeals to you. The professionals can also help you with essay writing and polishing, so you submit a flawless essay at the end of the day.

Common Mistakes

  • Choosing a boring topic. A topic may be easy but boring. A boring topic will take you ages to complete, and it is likely that your audience will see through your boredom.
  • Reusing an old topic. If you have to use an old argument, ensure that you write from a different perspective.
  • Failing to narrow down your topic. This may leave you with a lot to write about, but it will not be clear where you need to lay more emphasis.
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