Chatbots are now revolutionary tools used by companies to build customer loyalty. Their implementation can be complicated in some cases. It will therefore be necessary to use the skills of creative agencies. This solution has several advantages, but is also not without disadvantages.

Define your needs and save time thanks to agencies

Chatbot agencies exist today because many companies need them. One of their prerogatives is to help companies to set up a chatbot that improves their marketing strategy according to their needs. This is done in several stages depending on the size of the structure.

Initially, these digital marketing agency chatbot help define the needs and target audience of their client. They will also be able to tell you if you just need an experimentation tool or if you should go for a more comprehensive product. They therefore help you save time in improving your management policy.

The question of capacity is also part of the prerogatives of chatbot creation agencies. Indeed, companies may find themselves unable to develop their tool due to capacity-related parameterization.

Agencies for a better experience

Chatbot creation agencies have certain know-how that allows them to create tools that are fast and adapted to your needs. They work by taking into account the different queries you receive on a daily basis. This allows your chatbot to run smoothly.

Also, agencies can equip your tool with a machine to adjust its availability and the accuracy of its answers. Moreover, they have the possibility to add several kinds of integration, among which the :

  • Account links ;
  • CRM ;
  • Databases.

Indeed, a chatbot that does not have these integrations only serves as an information tool. Thus, it is thanks to its details that you will be able to offer functionalities that meet the requirements of your customers.

Finally, only agencies can set them up properly so that they can interact with the other software you use.

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Poor control of certain critical situations

Even if they are qualified, agencies may not be able to solve certain problems. Indeed, chatbots, if they are badly configured at the beginning, are likely to encounter some malfunctions. These can be difficult to solve over time.

They are often problems of lack of flexibility. This can lead to difficulties in understanding the different concerns of the customers. It can also cause the loss of some buyers who can’t find satisfaction to their questions.

The chatbot creation agencies also sometimes add features that are not to the taste of the Internet users. It is very frequently about details like adding stickers or spelling mistakes. This problem is often regular in textual interaction chatbots.

Sometimes, it can even be a question of a bad configuration that is linked to the absence of certain elements that users deem necessary on the dashboard.

The credibility of agencies and the cost of services

Sometimes, the chatbot may not be necessary for your business. While being aware of this, a creative agency may however offer it to you. This is in order to have gains. It may even advise you a tool that is not adapted to your marketing strategy.

This situation may lead you to change chatbot in the long run or to abandon its use completely. Thus, you will have lost not only time, but also money. In addition to all this, after the service has been delivered, agencies may charge you very high maintenance or support costs.

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