The crypto market is developing, and even though we are witnessing a large-scale drop in all top currencies now, many investors use this period to buy a cryptocurrency at a lower price.

Trading cryptocurrency is a complex process that requires learning and practice. It is not all about buying crypto coins at a lower price and selling them when the rate recovers – it is about learning trading strategies thoroughly and making decisions with a cool head. Trading requires skills to read market charts, understand market trends, and the ability to forecast further market fluctuations.

One of the cryptocurrency trading tools is margin trading. This tool is good when you want to make a profit but do not have many investments.

How Does Margin Trading Work?

Many crypto exchanges enable this option, having assets in their reserves and giving them as a loan for those users who wants to trade with leverage. Some users rent their crypto out for others to use them for trading with margin and receive interest in return.

Margin cryptocurrency trading implies that you put a small deposit and place a larger order, renting out funds from an exchange. If the crypto rate moves up, you receive multiply profits, but if the price drops, you bear losses.

An example. You are confident that the asset’s rate will increase, and you want to buy it at a lower price. Suppose you have $500, but you can increase your deposit using a 100 X leverage. That is, with only $500, you can place an order for $50 000. If you forecast the market trend right, you will multiply your deposit.

The platforms for margin trading:

  • BitMEX
  • WhiteBIT
  • Binance Futures
  • Huobi Futures
  • KuCoin Futures

Margin trading is becoming an increasingly popular type of cryptocurrency trading. Every platform offers different terms and conditions for trading with leverage, so make sure you read them before proceeding with trading.

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