When it comes to using social media for promoting a business, most entrepreneurs consider Instagram to be an underdog. This is actually far from the truth. In fact, Instagram is a very powerful marketing tool. This is because it’s used by millions of people from different parts of the world. While the platform was initially meant for sharing photos and videos, nowadays it’s being used by businesses to drive sales. Unfortunately, it’s only a few businesses that seem to recognize the influence of Instagram. This is because a majority of businesses prefer to stick with social media giants; Facebook and Twitter. If you are new to social media marketing, the tips outlined below will guide you on how you can use Instagram to create awareness about your brand.

1. Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are very effective and efficient. Though they are not for free, the traffic that they generate for your website makes them worth trying. When you use other methods of internet marketing such as SEO and email marketing, it can take several months for your efforts to pay off. With Instagram ads, the results are actually instant. This is because your ads are displayed to millions of people that have interest in the services or products that you offer. In fact, the social network uses browsing history to determine the interests of different users. The other advantage is that your target market is filtered according to age and geographic location. You can also adjust your budget at any time. With all these tools, it’s easy to measure your return on investment.

2. Posting Frequently

Attracting followers is one thing while keeping them is a different ball game. Most entrepreneurs are actually very good in hunting for followers but fail when in keeping them engaged. In case you are not in the know, Instagram users tend to like profiles that have fresh content. You must therefore commit to adding new pictures and videos regularly. Keep in mind that the images you post tell a lot about your business.

You can measure the level of engagement that you are getting from your followers by considering the number of comments and likes that your images are attracting. When making a post, you should ensure that you pick images that are of high quality. It’s also important you insert on the profile of your bio. This is because most people tend to look at the profile bio of an image that appeals to them. When people click on the link that’s on your bio, it should redirect them to your website.

3. Contribute on Popular Discussions

Every post on Instagram gives the users of the platform an opportunity to add a comment or click the like button. In fact, you should consider commenting on posts that are relevant to your niche market. When you contribute on issues that revolve around your business, people will start regarding you as a resource person, which in return will make them want to follow you. Besides that, you should buy 100k followers on Instagram. The advantage of buying followers is that it compels other people that use the platform to follow your brand. As a matter of fact,  social media users tend to have more confidence in brands that have at least 100k followers because they assume that a brand can’t lie to many people and still survive.



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