Hot desking is a desk-sharing program that first emerged in the 90s. In workplaces with hot-desking, office employees take whatever work area is accessible, rather than having a personal desk.

Many companies are looking to hire part-time workers to do shared work. This is a great option for working mothers who are looking for part-time work. Jobs that are great for shared work environment include task-oriented jobs such as accounting, documentation, translation, etc.

Hot desking can reduce the expenses of running an office by up to 30%, so it’s a trend being taken up by many companies. Here are a few companies who have hopped onto this trend:

  • Deloitte
  • Microsoft
  • Credit Suisse
  • Gensler
  • Square
  • Citigroup
  • LEGO
  • Macquarie Group

If you are considering moving toward hot desking for your employees and you are concerned about visitor management, then using a software like Lobbytrack will streamline your operation.

The following are the advantages of hot desking for organizations:

1. Lower costs

Normally offices had workspaces set up for 50 or 200 people. Now that we have entered a pandemic and those workers now work from home, the rent for this large space still needs to be paid. Hot desking cuts down by almost half the space required, especially if people have shared work times. Most hot-desking arrangements in shared coworking spaces allow you to book meeting rooms through an app or a web log-in. With Lobbytrack’s hot desking software, you can allow users to view availability and self-book hot desks from mobile phones.

2. Increased Collaboration

When you need to share your desk and computer with someone who is taking over your task, communication is important. By sharing workspaces, you also get to meet other team members and get to collaborate on different projects thus getting a broader knowledge of the business.

3. Independence

Hot desking gives workers independence since it permits them to change their everyday routine and stay portable. This gives them much greater adaptability and independence and there are fewer squabbles about personal space and who has the better desk.

4. Increased Cooperation

Hot desking encourages employees to move around the workplace, and this leads them to converse with colleagues they typically wouldn’t connect with. It permits staff from various departments to team up on projects.

5. Tidier work areas

Your office will probably be tidier since trinkets and heaps of papers won’t get piled up. It will make the cleaning staff happier. Hot desking empowers workers to become minimalists and focus more on the work rather than how to decorate their desks.

Rethinking office space?

Now you can use Lobbytrack to implement and manage hot desk booking at your workplace. Define and book hot desks and other shared workspaces right from Lobbytrack’s user-friendly interface. Designate shared spaces on multiple floors at several locations and manage them centrally from the Lobbytrack website. Allow employees and contractors to book hot desks, meeting rooms, and other shared facilities using the Employee mobile app.

Try for free and see why thousands of people are using LobbyTrack as their visitor management system.

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